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Can men practice yoga? First of all, you don’t have to be men or women for practicing yoga. Yoga is a balancing of the mind and body. A Practice itself designed by men for everyone. Patanjali has designed Ashtanga yoga. There are eight limbs in Ashtanga yoga in that Asana and pranayama is most popular. We need to understand the philosophy of Patanjali yoga sutra. Yoga incorporates the both gender aspect in form of yin and yang. Here Yang is the masculine and yin is the feminine energy for harmony and balance in life. In this new generation an ample amount of men showing interest in taking part of yoga practice.


Men Vs Yoga

Let’s be clear, Yoga for men doesn’t mean yoga make you feminine. It helps to make you strong and durable. Yoga helps you to become a better version of yourself. It teaches you art of living and how to balance life in all the favourable and unfavorable situations.

In addition to Yoga for men, men athletes and celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Sikhar Dhawan, Akshay Kumar practices yoga to keep them safe from injury and get fit in life.

Yoga increases your range of motion and flexibility, while enhances overall fitness. Yoga for men helps to be more productive at work, beat stress, you will sleep better and your sex life improves. Yoga also helps men to improve physical posture, improve overall muscles endurance and blood circulation in body. Men can create a wonderful atmosphere by practicing yoga as it reduces anxiety and improve the life energy that helps to keep you active throughout the day.


Yoga Complement men life


Improve Performance in gym and sports: The muscles align and works together in movements during the workout, yoga helps to feel those muscles movement ie contractions, expension and relaxation. It helps to push your limits in certain exercises with better understanding of posture alignment and flexibility. Yoga for men is good for session recovery in sports and gym as well and improve the joint mobility and helps to feel much smoother with joints and muscles to give better performance in sports and workouts.

Improve and balance the life energy: Yoga practices involves various techniques to control the physical body and mind. Unification of the masculine and feminine energies is possible through these practices. The balance of masculine and feminine energies is the ultimate goal of practice. These two energy can be represented by the two main nadis called Ida and Pingla that reside in the base of the spine in the muladhar. Activation and balance of these two nadies helps to feel being grounded and confident in daily life.

Yogic practices for men to improve life.


Asana to improve flexibility:







Asana to improve strength



Chaturanga dandasana



Asana and mudra for healthy reproductive system




Ashwini mudra


Pranayama for de- stress and relax





Yoga can also be use as a tool for men to relax deeply and re-energies your body and mind after working hard in your daily life. When you make yoga part of life it helps us find peace within ourselves.

—- Subham Sri

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